Feria of Malaga – Get Ready for Fun!

Did you know that each city and village of Spain has its own celebration which last entire week? Yes, you read it correctly! One week full of events, music, dances, and the enormous amount of people on the streets.

What is Feria?

Feria is a festival celebrated in Spain and southern part of France. It is an event celebrated locally every year.

Feria normally has a few key attributes. Outdoor bars called bodegas where you can get Cartojal or other local vine dedicated to the feria. Bandas (groups) and festive music with dances are a must. Aldo, you cannot imagine feria without bullfights. Nowadays bullfights are very rare and in many places take place only during the feria.

Ferias takes place at different times depending on the city and village. Ferias period starts from April and ends in October. One of the most famous Ferias of Spain is April Fair (Feria de Abril) which takes place in Andalusia’s capital, Seville. There are bullfights, horses on the streets, hundreds of party places, flamenco, food such as paella, manzanilla, BBQ meat and much more.


Feria of Malaga

The 6th largest Spanish city Malaga is also celebrating its feria with a full power. The Feria of Malaga or also called the Feria of August (La Feria de Agosto) always takes place during the first part of August and last the entire week.

The Feria of Malaga is a huge summer celebration which is completely opened and international and which adds up to Malaga’s image as a capital of the number one zone of the European tourism. Every year Malaga received more than 2 million of visitors during the time days of the Feria out of which more than 300, 000 are tourists.

The celebration during the entire week is divided into two zones: the day time (Deria de Dia)  and the night time (Feria de Noche). El Cortijo de Torres is the main feria district where the main set of the feria takes place. Although the activities such as roller coasters, food stands, and music are present almost 24/7 during the celebration, it is considered to be the feria area of the night. On the other hand, historic part of the city is considered to be the perfect place to celebrate during the day time.

During the Feria, Malaga is offering many different activities. The city center of Malaga during the day time is offering many bars called casetas, there are many different shows for kids and adults going on, orchestras. Copla and Flamenco are always present. Don’t forget during the feria days you have bullfight events which you can go and watch at the Plaza de Torros which is located in Malagueta, just 10 minutes by walking distance from the city center. During the night everyone moves to the Cortijo de Torres where the celebration continues. Apart from roller coasters, music, food stands, and casetas, Feria of the night offers many different performances and concerts of famous Spanish dance troupes and singers.  Learn the entire programme of the feria of this year by clicking here.

Ready for the craziness of the Feria? Don’t miss it! We promise you will never forget this experience.

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