First Steps in Spain

The sense when you land in another country and everything begins from zero is incomparable. The smell of the air, the warm wind… You just feel that is it. it is actually real. However, let´s start from the very beginning of the journey.

If you like me, decided to start your journey and to get a bull out of his horns, then you should choose Vueling. It is a Spanish airline originated from Barcelona which offers very affordable prices and pretty good time schedule to fly to Malaga or other city of Spain at least from some of the big European airports (ex Copenhagen). Although the branch is cheap I had no problem what so ever. If you are like me and you like to start everything from one suitcase I would recommend getting 23 kilograms check in luggage together with a ticket. You always can carry with you 10-kilogram small suitcase and some kind of small hand bag. The most important thing why I would recommend to choose Vueling is due to the language. From the second you step in into the plane, you will hear everything in Spanish. Nicely smiling stewardess will tell you, Buenos Dias, Bienvenidos… This is really nice. It puts you directly in the mood of starting to become newly Spanish.

Skipping few hours of flight, you are above Spain. beautiful lands, with mountains, grapes and oranges plantation, leaves unforgettable view in your mind. Maybe for some of you who come from Southern countries of Europe, it is nothing too special, but believe me for those who like me all my life lived in northern countries such as Lithuania, UK, Sweden, Denmark this is something really special. A bit more time passes and you reached Andalusia and an amazing coast of Malaga. Beautiful sandy beaches, sun high in the sky, the town, and its surroundings, mountains… All of it shouts to you, yey you made it! First thing what was in my mind was uhh I will definitely enjoy this. And believe me or not it was at the end of January.


Nice circle made by crew captain, became sort of the first and very unique tour of Malaga. 10- 15 minutes more and  I am on the ground. Now for sure, this is happening. Adios heard from stewardess’ lips and the first breadth of Malaga weather makes you excited and somehow nervous. It brings positivity and motivation to make this southern Spanish city your new home. Unfortunately, no one lets you stand outside the plane and stop this moment. You mentally force yourself to go to the airport and find the place to reclaim your baggage. The signs written in Spanish meets you nicely and gives first words lecture if you have not done Spanish before. Few steps and you are waiting for your suitcase to be returned. Here you will probably realise yes I am in Spain. No one rushes. For this reason, you might need to wait for 15 or 20 minutes although the airport is almost empty. After some time of standing and unconsciously moving around, the conveyor starts and the first suitcases show up. If you lucky yours is gonna be one of them. Fortunately, I was one of those so my waiting and nervous thoughts about my suitcase being lost were gone.

Now other questions with a word “How” started occupying my head. If you do not have who will take you from the airport then you will probably wonder how to get out from the airport to where I need. If you are going to for example Malaga or Madrid city center then you have three main options: bus, train or taxi. However, in my case, I had an amazing temporary host who offered to pick me up from the airport. So I was standing in the arrival hole for an hour until I started panicking and thinking about grabbing a bus.  Thankfully he communicated with me and told that he is on his way. After one more hour of waiting here, he is in front of me. That moment I felt happy and relief but on the other hand told myself: welcome to Spain! You have to get used to this and learn yourself this style of living.

With this note, I would like to finish this Newly Spanish article and wish you all. who just planning to start this journey soon, the best positive experience.  Also remember, this is Spain take it easy and install this laid back attitude as soon as possible to make everything easier and to start enjoying every minute of being newly Spanish.

Thanks messageb


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