Holidays and Days Off in Spain

You just started living in Spain or planning to move in the very near future? Great! One of the questions which should pop into your mind is: When I will be able to enjoy my time in Spain? Weekends and evening after work are great, however, holidays are the best!

Paid Holidays

In Spain, all full-time workers have a right to have 30 days of paid holidays a year. Those days include weekends and celebrations. If you haven’t worked entire year it might be easier for you to calculate your holidays based on earned days off per month. So for each worked month, you earn 2.5 days off including weekend and celebrations. The days have to be consumed from 1st of January till 31st of December. However, the consumption period and additional holidays assignation are completely up to your company where you are working at.

National Holidays

Great news! You are also going to be able to enjoy some extra days off. Spain has 11 national holidays throughout the year. Here are the dates for you:

1 de Enero – Dia de Ano Nuevo –  New Years Day
6 de Enero – Epifanía del Señor o Dia de Reyes  – Epiphany or Three Kings
13 de Abril – Pascua- Maudy Thursday (Date changes every year depending on the Easter)
14 de Abril –  Viernes Santo  – Good Friday (Date changes, always Friday before Easter Sunday)
1 de Mayo – Día del Trabajo – Labour Day
15 de Agosto – Asunción de la Virgen – Assumption of Mary
12 de Octubre – Día de la Hispanidad – Hispanic Day or Columbus Day
1 de Noviembre – Día de Todos Los Santos – All Saints Day
6 de Diciembre – Dia de la Constitucion – Constitution Day
8 de Diciembre – Inmaculada Concepción – Immaculate Conception Day
25 de Diciembre – Navidad – Christmas Day

 Holidays and Days Off in Spain by Newly Spanish

Regional, province holidays

Apart from enjoying your holidays and national holidays, you also are awarded by some regional or province holidays. Each province has its own festivities during which the workers are given a day off to celebrate. This might seem super confusing at the beginning. As a result, we are leaving you with 6 biggest cities of Spain province holidays.


19 de Marzo  – Dia del Padre – Fathers day (Date changes each year)
2 de Mayo – Día de la Comunidad de Madrid – Community day of Madrid
15 de Mayo – San Isidro – Saint Isidro
9 de Noviembre – La Almudena – The Almudena


5 de Junio – Segunda Pascua – Second Maudy
11 de Septiembre – Dia de Cataluna – Day of Catalunia
25 de Septiembre – La Merce – The Marce
26 de Diciembre – San Esteban – Saint Esteban


22 de Enero – San Vicente Martir – Saint Vicente Martir
17 de Abril – Lunes de Pascua – Easter Monday
19 de Marzo – San Jose y Dia del Padre – Saint Jose and Fathers day
9 de Octubre – Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana – The day of the Valencian comunnity


28 de Febrero – Dia de Andalucia – Andalusia Day
30 de Mayo – San Fernando – Saint Fernando
15 de Junio – Fiesta del Corpus Cristi – The Feast of the Body of Christ


29 de Enero – San Valero – Saint Valero
6 de Marzo – Cincomarzada (Changes every year)
23 de Abril – Dia de Aragon y San Jorge – Day of Aragon and Saint Jorge (Changes every year)


28 de Febrero – Dia de Andalucia – Day of Andalusia
19 de Agosto – Incorporación a la Corona de Castilla -Spanish conquest of The Crown of Castile
9 de Septiembre – Virgen de la Victoria – Virgin of the Victoria


You should have in mind that normally all the Spanish celebration which happens to fall on Sunday are compensated by a day off on Monday.

Mark your days off on the calendar, count down and start making plans for all of them!


Happy leisure time!
Newly Spanish team

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