Moving Around Spain

Spain has 17 autonomous communities, 50 provinces and more than 8, 100 municipalities meaning that transportation between all of them is crucial. In this blog post I will talk about different transportation options which you have in Spain.


Spain in total has 37 public airports not counting 6 in the Balearic Islands, 8 in Canary Islands and airport of Ceuta and Melilla. Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Gran Canaria airports are the top 5 busiest in Spain. As a result, you can really get around Spain very easily. Take the flight from Madrid or Barcelona to for example Malaga end enjoy few sunny days at so-called Sunny coast (La Costa del Sol). The costs vary a lot depending on the airlines which you choose, dates and times and of course your destination. Tickets as everywhere can be bought online from your flight provider or from other travelling website.


Metro network unfortunately is well developed only in Madrid and Barcelona.  Metro also can be found in Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Seville. So especially if you are in Madrid or Barcelona I would highly recommend choosing this way of travelling around those big cities. You must buy the tickets in the metro station and the price really depends on the ticket you want. You can get single ticket for approximately 1.50 euros, 10-trips tickets, monthly or seasonal passes.


Spain also has very well developed network of railways. Check it out the map to familiarise yourself with Spanish rail network. Renfe is the main operator of freight and passenger trains. This is by far in many cases the most comfortable and fastest way of travelling. For instance, from Malaga it takes normally less than 3 hours to get to Madrid. Despite such a great advantages of travelling with Renfe discussed above, it happens also to be a very expensive way of travelling in comparison with other options. Tickets is highly recommended to buy in advance from Renfe website.

Moving Around Spain by Newly Spanish


Although many cities in Spain is easily reached by plane or train, there are still tons of those which can be reach only by bus when it comes to public transport. Spain does not have one main public bus operator. One of the best known between autonomies and cities transportation by bus providers is ALSA. ALSA national operation map you can find just by clicking here. You can buy the tickets from ALSA website or just from the bus station.


You can catch the taxi to go to the city centre as well.  Depending on the city you are at the prices varies a little bit. However, taxi service is relatively cheap taking into account the average of the rest of the Europe.


Uber alternative of taxi is for now only available in the capital of Spain. Normally it works out a little bit cheaper than taxi and it usually arrives within few minutes after the request is done.  In addition to this you don’t need to have any cash your credit card will be automatically charged ones the destination is reached successfully.


BlahBlahCar it is a longer to long distance carpooling service. By registering on their website or installing their app you can check all the drivers which goes from your location to the destination of your interest at the suitable time. Yes, it sounds a little bit risky to sit in the car of some stranger. However, you can straight see the price of the trip, the profile of the driver and information about the car, as well as how many trips he/she did and the feedbacks of the previous passengers. Again the price really depends on the distance and on the driver’s interest.

Spain is an amazing place to live. So choose your favourite way of moving around and make sure to visit as many places as you can.  Don’t forget to share your travelling experience with the Newly Spanish community!

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