Newly Spanish and We

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog called Newly Spanish. Keep reading and get to know a little bit about us, why we chose to start blogging, some information about this new blog, its focus and why you should stick around.

Who are we?

Newly_Spanish_We_1First come first, let’s get to know each other! My name is Maria (Mari) and I was born in a very small northern European country called Lithuania. It is the largest country out of 3 Baltic States and it is claimed to have around 3 mln. population. I did my bachelor in Scotland, some entrepreneur courses in Denmark, then masters in Sweden and now I am continuing building my career in Spain. I got in love with Spain when I was around 15 years old and ever since I wanted to come to live here. Now when my dream came true I would like to share my experience, thoughts, tips and tricks with all of you. I hope you will like it 🙂


Newly_Spanish_We_2Enough about my little sister! My name is Zivile but you can simply call me Zivi. I am from little Lithuanian town called Sakiai which is 2 hours by drive from the town where my sister used to live. I am Graphic Designer, artist, and passionate Latin Culture lover. I love adventures, traveling and getting to know other people. At the beginning, I might seem a little bit shy, quiet and very calm person, but, after some time my charismatic and daredevil personality comes out to the light. At the moment you can find me in Spain however, no one knows where I might be in the near future!

Why blogging?

As you probably understood by now, we are currently living in Spain and our personal experience had a huge influence in starting this blog. When we got a chance to go to live in Spain, we started looking for the information around the internet. Surprisingly, it was not only nearly impossible to find official information in English but also we really struggled to get on hold on other peoples’ blogs, forums and comments were detailed information would be given. Luckily, we knew some Spanish and we are able to figure out a lot of things ourselves. However, when we started thinking about those who don’t… listening to them and seeing their struggles… we understood that we need to do something about it. The result of this you can get to know now. It is called Newly Spanish!

Newly Spanish

Newly Spanish is a blog which aims to help all of you out there who recently started living in Spain or thinking of doing so in a very near future. Those who are thinking to travel around and those who are interested in getting to know ins and outs of Spain. The blog will be completely run in English so don’t worry you still have time to learn Spanish 😉

So now you are probably thinking why you should stick around? With the blog we will share our personal experience, we also will try to give as detailed information as possible about different aspects of Spain. The blog will include the information about the documentation, accommodation, transportation, places to visit, to shop and to go out. Some additional topics will be covered such as local celebrations, stereotypes and so on. Your suggestions and request are highly welcome and we will try to make sure to get those done as soon as possible!

We hope that this little presentation of the blog helps you to get a better picture about Newly Spanish. Now it’s our turn to get to know you and your expectations from this blog. Please comment down below or contact us via email. If you would like to know more about us don’t be shy to ask and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We hope to see you stick around 🙂

Thanks messageb


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