NIE Number and How to Get It

If you are planning to stay in Spain for longer than 3 months you will have to issue so-called NIE number (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero).  If you are going through this process now or will go through it in a near future, this blog post is for you.

What is NIE number?

NIE Number itself always starts and finishes with the letters and always contains 7 digits – e.g.: Y-9999999-J.  It is going to be stated on the white piece of paper together with your Name(s), Surname(s) and Nationality.

NIE number will be your personal number stated in most if not all the documents issued for you in Spain. It is needed in order to sign the contract with your employee or contract of the rent, open bank account, sign contracts for the home internet or phone plan etc.
Please note the NIE number is not a proof of residency. For that, you will need to issue the NIE Card or in other words called Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Unión., More information about NIE Card you can read in the blog post here.


 In order to apply for NIE number you will need to:

  • Fill E15 form. Print it and sign it.
  • Original and copy of the Passport. From my experience, I would like to note that Identity Cards will not always be accepted!
  • Some kind of document proving the reason of your application. The reason for applying for the issue of NIE number can be economical, professional or social.  For example, the proof for professional and economic reasons could be pre- contract sign with the company registered in Spain. Also, the number can be issued for the reasons such as property purchase, investment, tax payment,  etc.  Other possible reasons:
    • Study in Spain
    • Inheritance of assets in Spain or applying for mortgage in Spain
    • Register for national Social Security and its benefits or Social Services
    • Apply for a Spanish (EU) driving license and buying a car in Spain
  • You also will need to fill the payment form (model 790 code 012) and pay around 10 euros which can be done at any bank that accepts payments by cash. BBVA, Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell, or any other bank should work. The form will be given to you at the place responsible for issuing NIE number. However, in order to avoid a long time waiting, I would suggest to print it and pay it before
  • Current address in Spain

Where to get it?

You are able to get the NIE number in person or through legalized power of authority

  • If you are in Spain you can go to the authorities responsible for issuing such papers called Office of Foreigners (Oficina de Extranjeria) or sometimes such services are provided in Police Offices (Comisarias de Policia). Please note, all of them require to have an appointment (Cita previa). In some offices, you can request it online. However, in others, you need to go to the office and ask for it.
  • If you are not able to do it yourself your representative in Spain can do it for you.
  • Also, you can try to issue NIE number through the Embassy of Spain in the current country of your Residence. This is a perfect option for those who already have all documents ready, however, are not present in Spain and/or don‘t have a representative there.

Notes and Advice

Note. Sometimes you might need to wait for an appointment for few weeks and if you are super unlucky it might take up to a month. Also, once you filled all the document, presented it and got the approval from the corresponding authority, you will need to wait for few more weeks until the NIE Number will be issued. Normally they tell you the day and time to come to pick it up.

My final advice in the documentation process would be to have patients and don’t stress because as much as you would like to speed everything up that is probably won’t happen.

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