Searching Long-Term Place to Stay

If you are looking for a long term place to stay in Spain this post is dedicated to you. This blog post will try to guide you and give you some hints on how to find the place which you are looking for in Spain.

How to Search

The best and most effective way to start searching for the place to live is through the internet. There are few websites where you should stick to and come back every day while searching.

Grab this Top place to live search websites list, register and get started!

Each website has a little bit different nature. Some of them are dedicated just for searching the flat/house, some also include rooms for rent options and others give you a possibility to consider buying one or another flat/ house. All of them have some filters which you can apply based on your needs. Location, Price, Type of residence, Starting day and Time of Stay etc. All of this can be specified.

Tips for the search

The search for your first place to stay in Spain can be overwhelming and super tiring. It can take few days, few weeks or even few months depending on the season, your requirements and of course of your luck. However, I would like to give you some tips which are based on my own experience.

Daily search

I found the daily dedication to the search as a very important aspect of success. Best places are always taken super-fast and most of the websites are updated every 24 hours. Thus, you need to always keep your eye on it. How to do so without getting crazy? The answer is subscribing! Some of the websites allows you to subscribe to the newsletter which sends you the newly published options based on your applied filters.

Call if interested

Another important advice which I can give to you is calling. When it comes to getting the best place matching your needs you can definitely apply the First come First served rule. If the post of a good place is live for more than 24 hours there is normally 90% chance that it is already taken. In such cases private owners normally do not even pick up the phone and the agencies try to offer you something else. Thus, I would really advice to use subscription option ad if you see something interesting Call as soon as possible.

Use word of mouth

Yes, you read it right. When you are searching for a place to stay the time between a flat, house or room gets available and the time when you get to know about it is crucial. Thus, getting someone who could notify you. Some house/flat owners have more than one property meaning that even if you were unlucky in getting to rent one of their properties by letting them know your needs, they might offer you another option which they may have. When it comes to the agencies, they are interested to rent as many properties and as sat as they can. Thus also, by calling and letting them know your needs you have way more chances to speed up the process of search. Also, if you are already in Spain don’t be afraid to ask local people. Waiter, Chashier, or even random people who you got to know might know someone who is renting.

Serching Long-Term Place to Stay by Newly Spanish 02

Availability for viewing

If you are looking for a long term stay place, your availability to view the options which are in your interest is very important. When you find something what you like through photos and after making the call you get to know that the place is still available you must view it as soon as possible. Being the first to view the place gives you the highest chances to get it!

Always have the deposit ready

When you finally start viewing the places make sure you have the deposit ready. Deposit is an amount of money paid to the owner of the house/flat or the room as a security that you will complete the terms of conditions stated and signed by both parties. The amount can be equal to one month or two months of rent depending on the owner’s request. The deposit is returned after the contract is successfully ended and all the conditions are completed.

If you paid the deposit and signed the papers saying that the flat is reserved for you, you can be save that you can start packing your things and start moving process. Until this is not done, even if the owner or the agent gave you his/her word to keep the place for you, you cannot be sure. Thus, be prepared!

Make sure everything is legal

Some private property owners might not have taken the permission from the ayuntamiento to rent their places. This means that they are not paying any share to the government from the income which they get by renting their properties. This is very important when you want to empadronarte. Make sure that everything is legally correct before signing the contract and paying the first month rent and even the deposit.

Save extra money for the agency

Unfortunately, deposit and rent might not be the only expenses which you will have. I would say that around 90% of places available for rent are managed by agencies. This means that if you find one which you really like through agency the agency fee has to be included in your expenses. It is a onetime payment normally equal to the amount of the one month rent. Sometimes it can be less sometimes more depends on the agency.

I hope now you are more confident and ready to start searching your longer-term place to stay in Spain.

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