Spanish – How to Learn?

If you are planning a trip to Spain or even to move to Spain and start the new life here, the language barrier is probably one of the first possible struggles which pop to your mind. Don’t worry we will try to help you with that by presenting few different ways how to overcome this obstacle.

Start online

From personal experience, we can say that it is crucial to start learning as soon as possible. Do it even before coming to Spain through the internet.

Try to get enrolled into some Spanish courses. Beginners courses you sometimes will be able to find even for free on the websites such as: However, if you really want to get a deeper understanding and improve your vocabulary as well as grammar significantly you should look to, and similar.

Another recommendation of ours would be: start listening to the Spanish language. This is very important trust us! Start watching some movies or even better some series in Spanish and get your ears used to the pronunciation of the words. Tip, watch it without subtitles! We know it sounds ridiculous especially do so at the beginning when you do not understand anything. However, after some time you will start noticing that you can understand more and more. Long lasting series is perfect for that because it is easier to engage and to see the improvement throughout the time spent watching.

When you are a little bit more advanced you should start reading. Read the original material. If you have the option to translate it, stop doing it! Try to understand the key of the text and just after that go deeper into the meanings of the words. Choose the material which is in your interest. It could be anything, from traveling to daily news of Spain.

Enroll in courses

If you are coming to Spain to Study, then you are fortunate because most of the universities have Spanish courses available for those who are interested. If you are currently studying in your current country of residence, you could try to anticipate and enroll in Spanish courses prior to moving to Spain. We would highly recommend starting learning Spanish as soon as possible. However, if you are one of those who is coming to Spain to work or just to start living in Spain, then you will need to consider other options.

One of the ways to learn Spanish is to enroll in language schools. There are a lot of them and different types thus you will really need to do a bit of the research prior choosing one. Prices can vary a lot depending on the level offered, intensity, teaching techniques, the size of the class, recognition of the certificates and so on. Make sure you choose the one which fits you the best and which offer is the closest to your expectations.

An alternative option to the courses is to search for the private Spanish teacher. This could seem a hard task, however, we would recommend you to look at: and In those two websites, you will be able to find the teacher near by you, match them with your needs and find the best suitable one. P.S. If you are in Malaga, we would truly recommend Marta. She is very friendly, able to adapt to your needs and teach you in the manner which fits you the most. Her profile you can find here.

Find how to practice

The most important part of learning language is to put your knowledge into practice. If you are still not living in Spain it could be a little bit difficult. However, either way, there are few ways of doing so.

Start speaking in Spanish with Spanish Speaking people. Here friends can come very helpful especially those who are from Spain or Latin America. If you do not have such people ask your friends. Normally always someone knows someone and can help you to connect. If you are in Spain this task should be easier, just try to get to know someone from Spain and start talking with them in Spanish. Most of the Spanish people are more than comfortable to do so without any problem since their English level, in general, is low.

If you do not have friends from Spain or other Spanish speaking countries and none of your friends have such friends then search for language exchange groups and communities. On the internet exists some language exchange groups where people are more than happy to help you to practice or even explain you some rules of the Spanish language in exchange of you helping them to practice another language.

If you are already living in Spain, then you should definitely check some communities activities nearby you. For example, there is such Facebook group called  Intercambio de Idiomas which founder is organizing different meet ups in Malaga for people to socialize and get to know different languages.

Best tip – Use it

Language is something which you can master only by using it in day to day basis. So don’t be shy and start managing your day to day life in Spanish. Try to not switch to English or any other language before trying to explain what you want to say in Spanish. Also, if it is possible to start using Spanish at work. If you work in Spain you might have a native coworker, or you might need to work with some Spanish speaking clients. Thus, you can you this as an opportunity and practice your Spanish even in the professional way.

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