Spanish Souvenirs and Gifts

Everyone who is visiting or started living in Spain thinks about souvenirs and gifts which they can bring from Spain to their family and friends. There are so many different souvenirs and gifts to choose from that one can get completely lost. However, don’t worry! We are here to help you out. In this blog post, we are offering a list of souvenirs which are unique and represents different regions or provinces of Spain.

Symbols and Souvenirs from Barcelona

Second largest city of Spain which is based in the region of Catalonia is probably can be considered as the most visited one every year. Flights full of tourists never stop landing in Barcelona. Being so popular, Barcelona makes sure that everyone who comes also brings home some memorable detail from this part of Spain.

Who doesn’t know the architecture of Gaudi? Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo are just a few works of this talented Catalan. If you were impressed by his talent you just cannot leave Barcelona without buying A Gaudi Lizard. The main lizard is located in Park Guell however, many of Gaudi’s works contain this colorful mosaic lizard and it became a symbol representing architects works.

Barcelona is also very famous for its fashion and quality of clothing and shoes. Leather goods such as bags, shoes, wallets are made of very high-quality leather. You can buy them everywhere around the city. However, if you are really looking for something special we would suggest visiting local workshop called Alexis Fasoli located at the Carrer a la Volta dels Tamborets. Here, 100% of products are handmade and are one of kind. Also, while you are in Barcelona you will probably are going to see a lot of people walking with very interesting canvas and jute rope shoes which are called Espadrilles or in Catalan Espardenyes. During the spring, summer, and fall Barcelona’s streets are filled with this unisex, comfortable, different color shoes. Get one pair for your self and bring some as the souvenirs back home.

Souvenirs from the Spanish Capital

Madrid as a capital and as the biggest city of Spain receives tourists every day through out the year. As a result, Spanish capital also offers not only impressive places to visit but many souvenirs to choose from and bring them home.

From Spanish capital, you should bring some treats which locals never resists. One of them is Violetas. It is a candy which can be bought in the shop called Las Violetas based at Plaza de Canalejas and which serves midrilenos and tourists for almost 100 years. The store offers a wide selection of quantities and containers tied up with a purple ribbon. For locals to receive or to give such little gift is already a question of recalling their childhood, while for tourists and visitors of the capital candies which are made with a flower essence and have a flowery design and beautifully detailed packaging make an ideal souvenir from Madrid.

Ceramics is another piece of art which Madrid can be proud of. Specifically, you should visit the store called Cantaro based just outside the Gran Via, at the street Flor Baja. Different colors, designs, and shapes of the ceramic products will probably make you overwhelmed. In addition to finding typical ceramics from Madrid, at the store you will be able to find pieces and sets of ceramics coming from other regions of Spain. Thus, even if you haven’t been in those regions you can still get some very unique and high-quality souvenirs coming from Granda, Barcelona, Toledo to mention few.

Madrid similar to Barcelona is famous for its fashion. Espadrilles, alpargatas, and mallorquinas are also super popular in Madrid. In addition to this Madrid is famous for its headwear. Madrid’s oldest hat shop–La Favorita C.B.- was founded in 1894 in Plaza Mayor and until now serves different types of Traditional Spanish hats. Sombreros, Gorras and Boinas are only a few types of headwear which you can purchase at this store.

Bring a piece of Valencia

The third largest metropolitan area of Spain, Valencia, also has its uniqueness and symbolism which differs from other areas of the country.

There is one thing which you will see everywhere while in Valencia. If you haven’t been there you will probably now question yourself. Maybe even will guess that it is a bull? However, it is not! It is a bat symbol which is also called flying rat which in Valencian would be Lo Rat Penat. The symbol comes from the Medieval times from the Aragon Kind Jaume I. Historically the king in 1238 managed to win against the Moors and to reach liberty of Valencia. it was believed that the flying rat helped him to succeed. This is a symbol of proud of having Valencian culture and language. If you are history lover or you have some family or friends who do you just much purchase it.

Valencia is probably the most famous region of Spain thanks to the porcelain and ceramics. It probably makes the most descriptive souvenir from the city. In Valencia you can buy mainly three styles of ceramics: the burnt clay tiles called socarrat, gotico azul or in other words blue ceramics and last but not least green- glazed tiles verde y morado. Consider buying traditional azulejos decorative tiles from Plaza Redonda which is is full of shops that sell Valencian ceramics.

You should not forget the Paella originates from Valencia. Thus, don’t forget not only to taste the traditional Valencian Paella but also buy special rice as well as spices. when you are back home you will have a unique opportunity to surprise your loved ones and share piece of taste coming all the way from this amazing region.

Souvenirs from Malaga

Most of the regions, provinces, and cities of Spain have things to be proud of. Malaga offers a wide selection of very unique and memorable souvenirs.

The biggest Costa Del Sol town, Malaga have the incredibly big amount of symbols. One of them is Espetos, sardines pinched with the stick and fried on fire. La Farola, the lighthouse is another very well known symbol of Malaga. You can find magnets, paintings, posters, even a bottle openers with Espetos. However, by far most famous symbol of Malaga is called Biznagas. It is a handmade flower made using most commonly Royal Jasmine and stalk of a nerdo. You can find a unique jewelry, brooches and other handmade souvenirs with the Biznagas on it.

We hope that some of our suggestions inspired you and that some of them will end up in your suitcase. Most important think what would surprise the most your family and friends and don’t forget yourself! You should also get something to remind you of your amazing stay in Spain!

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