Starlite Marbella: the top festival of the year

Starlite Marbella is the annual international music festival which takes place in Marbella, the resort city belonging to the region of Andalusia. Festival was started in the summer of 2012 and since then it is celebrated every year.

Uniqueness of Starlite

Starlite is a unique festival in its nature. It is a festival which takes place an entire month. Normally starting in a middle of the month of July and ending in a middle or at the end of August. Every day there is different singer or group performing. Thus, you have an entire month of different concerts taking place almost every single day.

Place of Starlite Marbella festival is also very unique. The auditorium is built at the foot of the hill and is surrounded by complete nature which not only provides an outstanding view but also allows to experience and enjoy the acoustic which you will not find anywhere else.

Music of Starlite

Starlite Marbella every year comes with a new list of singers performing during a month of the festival. You can find national and international singers representing completely different styles of music. Latin, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock, Flamenco, Copla, Dance and much more.

Every year the festival attracts veterans, legends, and globally well-known singers. Who doesn’t know George Benson, Julio Iglesias, Roger Hodgson? They all held their performances on the very first edition of Starlite Malaga and Julio Iglesias decided to provide this unique experience to its fans again in the second and third edition as well which took place in 2013. Julio Iglesias seemed to like this exclusive auditorium that since the first year he is one of the names appearing almost every year in the list of events of Starlite Marbella. Other additions counted with such names as Bryan Adams, Alejandro Sanz, Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli,  Elton John, Plácido Domingo, Eros Ramazzotti, Anastacia and many more.

Those who are fans of Spanish music Starlite also has to offer very well known national singers. Besides already mentioned Alejandro Sanz, Starlite counted and counts on Manuel Carrasco, Dani Martín, Malu and bunch of other recognizable names.

Besides the concerts each evening Starlite is also offering different shows and DJ performances which you can enjoy before and after the concert. Fonsi Nieto, Juan Magán, Lucy’s Party, Eloy, Adrian Lozano, KPD and way more.


Prestigious of Starlite

Starlite prestigious is booming every year. Now the festival is compared with Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival and is recognizes to be one of the most important festivals of Europe.

The festival attracts not only the most known national and international singers but also audience consisting of famous people. It brings together politicians, intellectuals, athletes, actresses, television stars as well as other celebrities which make this festival the biggest and the most important cultural and social events of the year in Spain.

Exclusivity is the another factor indicating the prestigious aspect of the festival. The auditorium of Starlite has a maximum capacity of only 3,000 people which makes each event very special and unique. Despite that, the festival is so limited in the amount of audience, every year it attracts over 150, 000 people which come from different parts of Europe.


Things to know before your first Starlite

Since Starlite Marbella differs a lot from regular festivals which you might have attended before, we feel it would be important to mention few important things here.

Since Starlite is so exclusive they are offering their own transportation to the place of the auditorium. There are two routes of public buses. One leaves from the city center of Marbella and another from so-called Puerto Banús. If you are arriving with your own car you need to search for the Street Albioni, s/n, 29602 Marbella, Málaga. There is a parking few minutes from the place of the event where you can leave your car. Please note, that all people who arrive by bus or by car later have to take another Starlite bus to get to the exact place. Other transportation accepts the organizers, performers and the Starlite buses is not allowed in that area.

Be prepared! Since Starlite as a festival itself has a label of VIP thus certain dress code should be followed. Although there are no official indications of the clothing, you might find yourself uncomfortable around others if your clothing is completely different. Moreover, be prepared for a bunch of Paparazzi wanting to take photo and interview of you. Everyone in Starlite has time to shine and feel as one of the famous people walking through the red carpet.

Get ready for a fiesta! Starlite is not only 2 hours concerts! Arrive at least an hour earlier have your photos taken, walk around, grab some wine and enjoy some warm-up performances. Also, after concerts don’t rush to leave, stay and enjoy DJs performances. We would recommend to start your Starlite night at 8 pm in the evening and stay until the very end thus, around 6 am.

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