Tarifa – Windsurfing Paradise

If you are visiting Gibraltar you just cannot skip Tarifa based in Cadiz. Tarifa is a small city based on the most southern point of the mainland of Spain and it is just an hour away from famous Gibraltar.

Beauty and diversity of Tarifa

Tarifa is a very diversified little town. In Tarifa, one can enjoy the amazing beaches and also get to know the old town of the city.

Tarifa which is located on the Costa de la Luz  (coast of light) is fortunate to have 35 kilometers of one of the most beautiful biggest beaches in Europe. Crystal clear sea, clear blue sky, yellow sand dunes, view to the coast of Marocco makes Tarifa unique and unforgettable.

The Old town of Tarifa also has a special character. Little stone streets, white Andalusian houses, small squares are perfect for an afternoon relaxation. The old town of Tarifa offers a wide selection of coffees, gift, and local clothing shops help you to feel the rhythm and culture of locals. During the evening the quiet streets are filled with people dining and socialising at restaurants terraces.

Tarifa - Windsurfing Paradise by Newly Spanish 01

What to do in Tarifa

If you are not a fan of spending your days laying at the beach Tarifa is a perfect place for you. Here you can try different water and other sports.

Tarifa is considered as one of the world’s most popular water sports locations. Kitesurf, kayaks, paddle surf are just a few activities which you can try while there. However, Tarifa is especially famous for the Windsurfing. We are 100% sure that during your stay you will see many people mastering this amazing sport. If you have never tried windsurfing before, don’t worry! There are many local companies offering beginners classes. Take one of them and start windsurfing! it is really worth it!

If you are not into water sports we have a different suggestion. What about horse riding? Yes, you hear it correctly. In Tarifa, you can try horse riding.  Beautiful horse, beach, impressive views… Amazing experience guaranteed! If this is your first time riding a horse, don’t worry! Horses here are very well trained and the instructor will always be just a few meters away from you indicated what and how to do it.

Tarifa - Windsurfing Paradise by Newly Spanish 02

Special Recommendations

In addition to sharing the amazing activities which you can do, beautiful beaches and characteristics of the old town, we also would like to recommend a few places to go while in Tarifa.

Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy super delicious meals. La Osteria del sole does not only have a delicious Italian cuisine but also offers an amazing view of the sea since it is just a few meters away from the beach. Try pasta with black garlic (ajo negro) or carbonara (la autentica). All pastas here are artisan, fresh and well cooked. The PachaMama, El Melli, El Otro Melli, la Oca da Sergio and El Lola are just few more restuarants names which are worth visiting.

If you have never been in Marocco, you must do it from Tarifa. There are several daily ferries going from Tarifa to the major city in northwestern Morocco called Tangiers. The journey will take less than one hour, thus to make a one day trip to the more than two and a half millennia old historical town is completely viable. Book your trip http://www.frs.es/en/

Pack your suitcase and head to Tarifa. The great time, new experiences and unforgettable memories are guaranteed!

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