Cleanliness and Recycling in Spain

South countries in eyes of many north people have an image of not so clean and smelly streets, cockroaches running around, and sunny climate which for sure doesn’t help when it comes to the microbes. However, does that true? Will you have to get used to having unwanted little “friends”? What about Recycling?

Handling of trash

From personal experience, we can tell that most of the time trash aspect is handled very responsibly in Spain. However, during the time of living in Spain, there were some cases which we think should be mentioned.

Trash is taken away very frequently. In Malaga for instance, at least if you live in the center, regular waste is taken away every day. There are more and more specific bins for plastic, glass, carton placed in each city to make the recycling process easier for everyone. When it comes to furniture, there are certain times when you can through them away. If you will be caught of leaving your furniture peace outside the indicated time, you might get fined. Are you a dog owner? Well be prepared to collect his “stuff” the fine if you do not do so is huge!

Despite all regulations, exceptional cases of a disorder are visible once in a while. One of those happened during the 2016 Semana Santa. Due to the strike of the leaning company Malaga was filled in the trash just a week before the Semana Santa. Trash was everywhere! The smell was so irritating some of the people that the many bins were light on fire. It was probably the biggest this type of incident in a decade.

Streets cleaning

Another very important part of cleanliness is streets. Since the warm climate is a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow and bring diseases, Spain invests a lot of money to fight against it.

Again given our own experience we can say that streets in general in Spain are cleaned very well. Living in the city center and walking to work every morning allows us to see the work put into it. Pedestrian parts of the city are washed, scrubbed if not every day then very frequently, all the rubbish are taken away which makes city center appear as spotless. Probably the same could not be said about other areas of the cities or villages but we believe that the same problem exists no matter where in the world you would be.

We hope that this article broke some of the misconceptions formed about south countries and their handling of cleanliness of its cities. Do not be afraid, you will be lucky to see cockroaches running around, and no they do not bite!

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