Day of Andalusia

Who has not heard about the most populated and the second largest region of Spain called Andalucia? In a couple of days, people will celebrate the most important day of this area of the country called Dia de Andalucia.

Day of Andalusia

Day of Andalusia or Andalusia Day is celebrated 28th of February each year since 1980 when the region was declared as an autonomous community. This day is so important that it is added as regional holiday and thus, people from this community have the day off.


Andalusian people are very proud of being part of this community and it really reflects during this special day. People take out flags of Andalusia and place them in balconies, walls, and other visible places. In addition to this, cultural competitions, traditional Andalusian breakfast which consist of peace of bread olive oil coffee or orange juice, regional anthem are just a few activities which take place in order to honor the Day of Andalusia.

Andalusian flag

If you are new in Spain and you happen to be in Andalusia during 28th of February you must know how looks Andalusian flag. The Andalusian flag consists of two green stripes from the sides and white stripe in the middle which was approved in 1918. The colors of the flag reflect the passage of the region and the value of the purity and faith in the future. In the middle of the flag, you will find the coat of arms of Andalusia which is the official symbol of the autonomous community. The coat of arms of Andalusia consists of the pillars of Hercules, Greek hero Heracles with two lions representing the power of animal instinct, and short citation of the legend: Andalusia por si, para Espana y la humanidad (Andalusia by herself, for Spain and for humankind).

Are you ready to be part of the Andalusian celebration? Don’t forget to start it with the traditional breakfast!


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