Groupalia & GroupOn – Special Offers

Who doesn’t love knowing that they just saved a couple of euros and can you imagine saving 10, 20, 30 or even 100 euros? Yes, that is possible with two special offers websites Groupalia and GroupOn. Those two are super popular in Spain. So if you are not using them maybe you should start?!

Groupalia and GroupOn

GroupOn is a worldwide e-commerce platform where different businesses can promote their services, as well as goods and subscribers of GroupOn, can get the best deals on different activities, vacations, goods, and a bunch of other services. It was launched in 2008 in Chicago, United States. Now the platform is proud to provide offers in more than 500 cities across the world and to have more than 48 million registered users which can enjoy more than 450, 000 active deals worldwide. It is not obligatory to register, however, if you do so, you are making sure that you will be informed as soon as the deal of your interest is live!

Groupalia, on the other hand, is the company based in Spain. Same as GroupOn, Groupalia provides different discount coupons/ deals for traveling, beauty and other services as well as products. It was established in 2010 in Barcelona and later expanded within the Spain. Since the deal website is focused on Spanish market only it provides a wide selection of services for Spanish customers.

Differences between the two platforms

In general, there are no big differences between the two platforms. However, GroupOn always seems to have more offers available on the platform in general. Although Groupalia does have more offers in the traveling sector. Thus, it is just your own preference which one to use or maybe even dedicate a little bit more time and hunt for the best discount coupons on both of them!


Type of Coupons

Both platforms provide a wide selection of discounts/ deals for different services. Restaurants, Health, and beauty, formation courses, shopping, hotels, travel, leisure and much more. The deal can vary from 10% discount all the way to 90%.

Tips and things to keep in mind

Call before buying the coupon. 90% of the cases it is okay to buy coupon straight from the platform. However, in some cases, you might find yourself in a situation where you just paid for the service which you might not be able to get or is not exactly what you wanted.

Instead of buying a coupon from Groupon or Groupalia, call the service provider and ask if it would be possible to get the same price as it was stated on the platforms directly from them. Most often they are even happier to do so due to the commission which Groupon or/ and Groupalia take from them for bringing the customer. Especially it is recommended for the services which applied for more than one session. Sometimes businesses see that the gain from Groupalia or/ and Groupon is not as they expected and instead of gaining they are losing money. As a result, they might remove their services from such platforms and decide to not provide any more services to the clients which bought their services from Groupalia or Groupon. In such case, you will have to deal with customer services of the platform from where you purchased the service in order to get your money back.

Stop paying a full price and start saving some money!

Happy hunting!

Thanks messageb

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