National Day of Spain

National Day of Spain locally known as Fiesta Nacional de Espana is one of the most important dates of the year in Spain. If you live in Spain you just must know about it!

When is it celebrated?

Fiesta Nacional de España is celebrated on 12th of October every year. The date has an important significance in Spanish history. It is the date of 1492 when Christopher Columbus found America. Since the day is marked as the most important together with the constitution day 6th of December, this day is also a national holiday and hence most of the people working in Spain have the day off from work.

National Day of Spain

Fiesta Nacional de Espana  (National Day of Spain) is also known as Hispanic Day (Dia de la Hispanidad). Interesting to note that other countries are also celebrating this special date. The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States mention this anniversary.

How is It Celebrated?

The main celebration takes place in the capital of Spain, Madrid at the Plaza de Canovas del Castillo also known as Plaza de Neptuno. The celebration starts with the King Felipe VI of Spain with the family and the guests, as well as important politicians and army forces, arrives at the square. A tribute to all who lost their lives for Spain is also given at the beginning of the day by rising the Spanish flag and by dedicating the crown of laurels . The military parade is led by the King throughout the celebration. Probably the most impressive part is when the armed forces planes perform tricks above the square and leave smoke of Spanish flag colors. Later different military concerts are performed in different squares of Madrid. Also, don’t forget this day you also have many museums entrances for free!

If you are in Madrid these days, don’t miss this impressive celebration and get the real essence of what is like to be Spanish!

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