New Year and New Year Eve In Spain

New Year is such an exciting time! In some countries, it is told that you should celebrate the New Year the way you want to have an entire upcoming year. In some countries New Year take the completely mainstream path in others such as Greece it is believed that turning the lights off during the midnight of New Year Eve will help them to meet the new year fresh and open for new things. So what about Spain?

New Year In Spain

New Year Eve in Spain is called La Nochevieja ant is celebrated on 31st of December. It is the last night of the year which is normally celebrated outside the house at the main square of the city or other public location or at home surrounded by family members and close friends.

The main unique tradition of the night is to eat 12 grapes one every stroke of the clock. It is said that if one will not eat 12 grapes before the stroke of the clock stops he/she will have the unlucky upcoming year. The event is broadcast live on television from la Puerta del Sol in Madrid. Number 12 symbolizes each month for which luck you are wishing to have with every grape which you eat when every stroke of the clock. Moreover, in some parts of Spain is very popular to light the bonfires. Furthermore, in Coin, Malaga, Pamplona some parts of Seville, and La Rioja exists a tradition to disguise shortly after the bells chime stops.

Apart from traditional and unique attributes of La Nochevieja and El Año Nuevo (New Year) Spain also takes some mainstream activities. Fireworks, Christmas music is not an exception. In addition to this after the 12 grapes tradition, toasts with champagne, cava – the very famous Spanish champagne, or cider take place. Some people place gold jewelry inside the glasses to predict the luck in the coming year.

Those who gather at home to celebrate New Year especially Elders have additional tradition. Usually, they are baking a special round ring-shaped cake which at midnight of la Nochevieja is cut and divided among all family members as a wish of good luck. The interesting part of this tradition is small gifts as luck charms which are added inside the cake while it is prepared. Whoever gets those little gifts while eating is sure to be lucky throughout the year.

During new year clothing is very important. It is believed that it is important to wear bright colored dresses, t-shirts, pants. Furthermore, many Spanish people wear red colored inner wear as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Most important the red inner wear must be gifted by someone who wished them luck.

If you never celebrated New Year in Spain now you are more or less ready to do it in right way! Happy New Year for all of you 🙂

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