Spanish People & Languages

Who hasn’t heard about how friendly and happy Spanish people are and look like? The strong temperament, problem-solving better now than later attitude is well-known characteristics of people from Spain. However, many people who have never have been in Spain would not imagine that foreign languages are nearly taboo in Spain. In this article, we will concentrate on English as it became an essential language of communication.

Spain & English language

You would think that English which became international language across the world a few decades or even more ago should be well known in such western country as Spain. We do not want to disappoint you but this is not the case!

English as a language is thought in Spanish schools from an early age. Kids are learning the language from 7-8 year old and it could be considered as a second language after Spanish for many of them. Despite that, something is terribly wrong with the English language education system! Or at least it was! Many Spanish people of our age 26-27 year old barely can say a few words in English unless they went to study or work abroad. The education system seems to not teach the most important which is communication, speaking and listening parts of the language.

Poor knowledge of other languages makes international customer support nearly not existing. If you go to the bank, tax agency, or even simple shop and ask for help in English you will be very happy to find a person with whom you will be able to fluently communicate. Actually well French-speaking Spanish person you probably will find easier than well English-speaking person. When it comes to the banks, taxes and so on, in most of the cases, you will need to use google translate or learn Spanish yourself in order to understand it.

Thus, be prepared! If you are coming to live in Spain English language will not help you a lot in day to day basis.

Spain & English Language Issue Solution

Since Spanish is one of the most important languages across the globe, the tendency to learn other languages was nearly not existing before. However, the big change in people’s perception when it comes to this is visible during the last years.

An initiative to learn English from people themselves is booming. Parents start paying for private classes for the kids English education from the early age even before school age. More and more academies are opened to cover the demand of private English classes for Adults. People go to work abroad to improve their English. For nearly all job openings good English knowledge is an essential requirement.

Although the importance of English and other languages in Spain is clear, the process towards it is long. Thus, for now, don’t be surprised if you will have to communicate with the driver of autobus with a gesture when wanting to ask if the bus will leave you in the place where you want. People from Spain are very nice and will do their best to explain and help you in the best manner possible. Few words learned in Spanish from your side will really help!


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