Valentines Day In Spain

Spring is just around the corner wakening nature, new life and love. Let’s dedicate this article exactly to the topic of love and the most famous memorial date of it The Valentine’s day!

Valentines Day Popularity in Spain

Everyone knows that Valentines Day is a huge thing in America but what about Spain?

In Spain Valentine’s day which is called San Valentin, every year is more and more popular. However, if we compare its volume in Spain the festive is not exceeding the popularity of Mother’s Day (Día de la Madre) celebrated first Sunday of the month of May or  All Saints Day celebrated 1st of November (Todos Los Santos). Big impact for that has another very authentic celebration which origins come from Catalunya. Sant Jordi which is celebrated 23rd of April every year is also dedicated to those who are in love. Traditionally the books and roses are gifted to demonstrate unconditional love during Sant Jordi.

Valentines Day In Spain

Although Valentines Day is still growing in its popularity in Spain some very interesting tendencies related to the festivity of the celebration can be seen each year.

It seems that Valentine’s day for Spanish people associates a lot with very memorable details such as jewellery. According to Amazon sales on rings due to the Valentines day, each year in Spain increases by almost 200%. Isn’t it crazy? Also, other jewellery, decorations, sculptures containing hearts sales significantly increments due to the celebration. On average Spanish people spend around 80 euros to the celebration this special day.

Apart from jewellery, flowers, chocolate and other more typical gifts of Valentine’s day Spanish people like to gift practical things. Among those are clothes, things which were requested by the loved one, or even technology!

What are you going to give to your loved or appreciated people during this Valentines Day? Don’t forget the most important is a good intention and lots of love!

Lovely Valentines Day everyone!
Newly Spanish

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