International Women’s Day in Spain

In a few days, we will celebrate International Women’s day.  According to the statistics from 2017 female take 51% of the total Spanish population. Thus, we feel that it is very important to address this special day.

When it is celebrated

8th of March is the day during which most of the countries including Spain are celebrating International Women’s day, el Dia Internacional de la Mujer or Dia International de la Mujer Trabajadora in Spanish. It is the day dedicated to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Spanish banker Ana Patricia Botín, Spanish Politician María Dolores de Cospedal, Queen of Spain La Reina Letizia are just a few Spanish women names which according to Forbes are one of the most powerful women of the country.

Popularity in Spain

In many countries, during women’s day, it is popular to receive flowers from males: coworkers, husbands, friends. However, in Spain, the celebration takes the totally different tone. Every year in Spain strikes and demonstrations of women are taking place during Women’s day. The feminist movement address the gender inequality in the workplace. A Twitter hashtag, #NosotrasParamos (we are stopping), has been created and used to promote the yearly strikes. In addition to this, women are encouraged to stop working at noon and to go on the streets for the strike in the evening. The yearly salary of females in Spain is estimated to be 23% lower than males and more than 2,000,000 women are out of work which makes the strike to be every year bigger and more powerful. Last year women demonstrations took place in 49 cities across Spain. Apart from above-mentioned gender inequality in the workplace, Gender-specific violence including violence in the domestic environment where the reason for the movement.

How will you celebrate the Women’s day, with flowers and some nice dinner or you gonna take part of every year more and more increasing in volume strikes and demonstrations? Whatever you do make sure that it makes a day somehow more special and different from the rest ones!

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