Telecommunication companies in Spain

Probably one of the first things which you do when land to the new country for a longer period of time is to buy a local phone card. Even more important to have local phone number becomes when you have a plan to live in the country of your destination. Let’s take a look which options do you have when it comes to the telecommunication companies in Spain.

Prepaid Phone Cards

If you are still sorting your documentation or you are not sure how long you gonna live in Spain, or you just not that type of person who likes to sign contracts for every single thing which you use, then prepaid phone card would be your choice.

Nearly all if not all telecommunication companies in Spain have prepaid card option available. Be aware that some of them might charge you for the card itself up to 20 euros. Also, in most of the cases, prepaid phone cards plans from which you can choose are most of the time very limited and works out more expensive than the contract based options. Prepaid phone cards you can buy at some grocery stores, tobacco shops or from the provider’s office. You just need to ask for “Tarjeta prepago” or “sim prepago”. Make sure you understand the prices, and how much and why they are charging you when you are selecting this option! Another important point to have in mind is that you will need to top up your balance yourself normally online or go to the office of the provider.

Contract-Based Phone Cards

Spain has 4 main telecommunication providers across the country. Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, and Yoigo dominate the market.

In order to have Contract Based phone card in all the cases, you will need to present certain documents. NIE, passport and Spanish Bank Account are a must. In some cases, you might be asked to bring a proof of address which can be a bill of the electricity or other official mail received stating your name and address. So, if you do not have all of those things unfortunately but it will be impossible to sign a contract with the telecommunication providers in Spain.

Tips for signing contracts

Make sure that contract does not have permanence. In some cases, you will have to pay 20 euros for permanence free contract. But trust us! It will work out way cheaper. For wanting to leave the telecommunication provider before the contract ends you might be charged up to 100 euros. Do you feel the difference?

Use the opportunity of deals. Special offers for certain plans are every month thing in each telecommunication company. Thus, do not miss the opportunity to get the best what you can at that time! Please note: offers available online and at the office can vary a lot, thus, do your search before making the final decision.

Negotiate the price. Telecommunication providers fight a lot with each other for the customers. If you already have a contract with one telecommunication provider and you are not 100% happy with it, do not be afraid to sign up for other companies offer and ask to close your contract with the previous company. You will be surprised what effect it does! Your previous company will not like to let you go so easily so they will keep calling you with such offers which you never saw existing before. Congrats, you are at the stage of price and services war! Make sure you get the most out of it and based on the offers choose the best deal doesn’t matter if it is given by your previous provider or the new one.

Grab packages. If you need internet at home and/or television on top of the contract phone card, make sure to seek package deals. They normally work out way cheaper than making contracts for every single thing.

Let’s get connected using Spanish telecommunication network! We really hope that you will find this article useful in seeking the best option for your Spanish SIM Card.

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