Spanish Constitution Day

Constitution day in Spanish Dia de la Constitucion is a national celebration of Spain which refers to the referendum of 1978 during which the current Spanish Constitution was approved.

When is it celebrated and importance?

Although constitution came into force 29th of December in 1978, it is celebrated 6th of December each year based on the regulations of the Royal Decree. The date is super important in the history of the country since its marks Spanish transition to a constitutional monarchy and democracy.

How is it celebrated?

Constitution day is relatively a quiet celebration for most of the Spanish people. Since it is a day off most of the people stay at home with their families relaxing. However, during the celebration, the parliamentary buildings are open for the public to be visited. Also, Special attention is given to children and youngsters by educating them on the politics, history and Spanish constitution. Selected students are received in the Law House in Madrid to read the Constitution.


The national flag is a very important symbol of Constitution of Spain. Spanish flag consists of two horizontal red bands separated by a double yellow band. The flag also represents 4 main Kingdoms of Spain: The Kingdom of Castile, the Kingdom of Leon, The Kingdom of Aragon and The Kindom of Navarre. The pomegranate under the Kingdoms symbolizes the province and city of Granada. The center Fleur-de-lis represents the house of Bourbon. Surprisingly, the pillars on either end of the Kings represent the straits of Gibraltar although it belongs to the British overseas territory. The flag also contains the motto plus ultra meaning further beyond. Moreover, the crown placed above symbolizes the King or monarchy symbolizing his rules over all the Kingdoms, provinces accept Gibraltar. Take a note! If you are ever in Madrid, you must go and see the biggest flag of Spain placed in Plaza de Colon. During the constitution day, the national flag is displayed not only on public buildings but also on private homes and even on public transportation.

Hopefully now when next time you find yourself standing in front of the Spanish flag it will have a deeper meaning for you. Happy constitution day!

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